Get into the game with Top Scout, a football scouting and recruiting organization discovering the best football players around. We help players on a personal level through interviews, video, college coaching contacts and most importantly, putting players in the best football camps and situations.

Manning (L) Dillon Barrett (C) & Peyton Manning (R)
Super Bowl MVPs Peyton & Eli Manning, With Blue Chip Recruit, Dillon Barrett.
Dillon was 1 of 8 VIP High School Major College Prospects.
At Top Scout, we want to hear from football players like you, as well as your parents or guardian. We will work to help you achieve the best possible football future. Remember, you must study and make the grades on and off the field to have any chance of success.


Keep your focus and Top Scout will get you on the map. We will be sure to send you in the right direction to test what level best fits you. With the right training and preparation, coaches from everywhere could flock to you, giving you the upper hand and freedom of choice.

At this time of year, NCAA rules do not allow phone contact from coaches. That's why it is so important to have a private football scouting team working for you. Nowadays, sending film is only the beginning of the recruiting game. It takes weeks and weeks of daily work to get a player visible to college coaches. Most of all, it takes contacts. We have those contacts!!

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